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Who is the cheapest public cloud provider?

Who is the cheapest cloud provider is not as straightforward as one might expect as now the providers provide so many varying services it depends on which you are planning to consume. In this article we'll look at compute and compare a select few: AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, OVH, Scaleway, AlibabaCloud and Linode.

At a glance, the obvious selection looks like AWS as it sheer size must make it competitive on price. However, even though AWS is undisputed leader in this industry and can offer a wide range of useful tools on there platform - they are not coin masters.

Obviously there’s more to the story than simply getting the services from Cheapest public cloud provider. When it comes to selecting a cloud provider you should also be on the lookout for the vendor who meets your requirements for compute and technology and they must have a good support service available 24/7, up-to-date documentation and plenty of sources to learn more about their services.

I have compared nine different providers based on three sets of hardware requirements for building your Cloud Infrastructure:


The chart above reflects prices range for given requirements (120GB Ram, 32 CPU, 1TB SSD) across the cloud providers.

The Scaleway C2L BareMetal running four instances will meet the requirements and will cost only 0.191Euro/hour.


The chart above reflects prices range for given requirements (16GB Ram, 8 CPU, 50GB SSD) across the cloud providers.

The Scaleway C2M BareMetal with only one instance, will cost 0.036Euro/hour to run.


The chart above reflects prices range for given requirements (256GB Ram, 64 CPU, 16TB SSD) across the cloud providers.

Scaleway ARM64-128GB (payment plan) can offer you 1TB of disc space to go with that compute, however if that is not enough you will have to buy extra space to meet your requirements. Same kind of story with OVH and DigitalOcean, you will not get 16TB of disc space for the 1.452Euro/hour. On Linode you will end up spinning over 100 instances to meet the requirements. So, the AWS with it h1.16xlarge may be the best option for you. The draw back is that it offers 16TB HHD not the SSD and if you decide in AWS favour I wouldn’t recommend 2.864 Euro/hour. You will find that if you commit to a savings goal and pay ALL UPFRONT, this is where you get the real savings with AWS. You could save Up to 43%.

Hope it helps you in selecting your Cloud Service.