The top 5 Video Conferencing solutions review

Video calls and video conferencing has became more day to day as long as you have an access to a decent internet connection. These days, if you're looking for advice from a friend, a video call is only a tap away. Conference with a dozen people who live all over the world. You can do a face-to-face-like meeting without leaving the comfort of your home or office. You can save money using video calling as it is often free of charge compared to "regular" phone calls. There are limitations - group video calls can still be painful with delayed video causing delayed responses often making the group video call counterproductive.

We will try to cover top 5 apps to use for video conferencing. This would be useful for small or remote teams, or for anyone who just wants to get on a video call, these apps will work anywhere you have access to Internet.

Now, let’s talk about Best Team Video Conference Apps. Which one out there is able to get your entire team on the same page..?

Zoom (MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android)
Best for reliability, video quality and group video calls.

On the upside

Here at Pacto we have tried out a wide range of video conference apps and Zoom is most impressive. Why..? It's the group call app that, for the most part, just works. It allows you to have a Free video call with up to 50 participants, with single session limited to 40 min. If you willing to pay it will let you to chit-chat with up to 500 users at once, more than enough for a startup company and even medium size enterprise.

Even when your internet connection isn't the best, Zoom will work great. It’s light on computer resources. It will let you record any call with a full-length video, or keep you chat sub-conversation going. Sharing the screen is not a problem for Zoom. It even lets you connect to room conferencing hardware, schedule calls in advance or chat anytime with any of your contacts.

On the downside

There is only one tiny app irritant we’ve discovered, it’s going full-screen for all users when someone shares their screen.

Hangouts (iOS, Android, Web)
Best for quick calls from Google Calendar.

On the upside

Up to 25 people in free calls right from your browser. You're getting deep integration with other Google's apps, as you would expect. Access to Google Drive allows you to share files in chat, without leaving your call.

On the downside

More resource intensive comparing to Zoom, it will drain your laptop battery far faster. Also not as efficient with slow internet connection. Free for up to 25 participants, G Suite Basic for business teams starts from $5/month (up to 30 people).

GoToMeeting (MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Web)
Best for professional webinars.

On the upside

GoToMeeting is an app for webinar broadcasting to thousands of viewers, also has an ability to meet with your team. Schedule meetings online, then using the app join calls, to present to everyone you have a screen sharing available.

It's fully garnished with professional features, including call recording, dial in numbers and it even with up to 6 participants on the single call you would be able to stream your video in HD. Attendees are able to join from their browser, if you're sharing your screen, you have neat drawing tools to highlight things you're on about.

On the downside

On the downside the GoToMeeting's apps can be a bit disorienting, packed with menu controls that can mess up your presentation settings most unexpected way. And it’s pretty hungry to install updates, often just when you're starting a call. Free for 3 participants only. Starter plan - $19/month would give you up to 10 participants.

Amazon Chime (MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android)
Best for jumping on a call right on schedule.

On the upside

Amazon Chime is a new way to chat with your team whenever you need. It has decent quality and latency compared even to Zoom. We find it just super duper easy to use for calls. Has a built-in chat and a screen sharing. Chime is a video & audio-focused team collaboration tool. Schedule calls, and whenever it's time for the conference, Chime will call every participant and they will join the meeting just like they would with any other call.

On the downside

Unfortunately, it's a bit more limited compering with the other video call apps, with a max of 16 video participants at once and fee ($15/month per user). Free of charge you’ll be getting only 2 users video calls and free chat rooms.

BlueJeans (MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Web)
Best for video conferencing from any device.

On the upside

This is a video conferencing tool that works across wide range of devices, including conference room hardware. Combining simplicity and high compatibility you get an app that able to connect Mac users, PC users, mobile device or Linux devices users together in a single virtual conference room. BlueJeans designed to be used on larger teams, it even has webinar tools for this purpose.

On the downside

It’s not as responsive as some of the other apps we’ve tested. It’s not Free starts from $19.95 for up to 50 attendees.

We believe that video can have a powerful impact on how we capture information and relate to one another. Pacto Team have chosen Zoom as the ultimate conferencing app and long-distance communication tool. It’s amazing how being able to actually show someone new app or explain new idea face-to-face allows you to message to people in much more productive way.

We encourage you to try out at least few apps before purchasing, just to have something to compare to. Use the product links provided in the article to narrow your choices.

We pleased to help you choose a service that suits your needs.